Glass Lantern

AYTM’s fall/winter collection is full of beautiful, minimal pieces in which to display candles. Handmade, each of these glass lanterns will differ slightly—from color variations to small imperfections. Its tinted gray/blue hue and sleek silhouette is a luxurious, old-worldly way to create a little mood lighting.

The Foldable, Shapeable Orilamp

Paper lantern meets slinky for this portable Bluetooth-enabled mood light

Combining the elegance of traditional paper lanterns with the convenience of Bluetooth technology is the new Orilamp, a striking battery-powered mood light designed in Toronto. As the name indicates, it’s inspired by origami and is foldable and shapeable, reminding us of an accordion or a slinky toy. Users can adjust brightness, set a timer and monitor battery life via the app, but physically opening and …

Portable Lighting with the Luminoodle

A versatile, waterproof string of LED lights that's easy to hang, wrap or stick with magnets

The Salt Lake City, UT-based team Power Practical has some inventive battery-charging solutions under their belt, from their debut product PowerPot (a camping pot that charges your mobile devices as you boil water, thanks to thermoelectric technology) to the Pronto5, a portable battery-pack that recharges itself to full in one hour so you can go right back out the door. Their latest product ventures into …