“Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” Lapel Pin

Melbourne-based Unempire has plenty of salty and subversive sock designs in their collection, but nothing is quite as bold as their “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” lapel pin. Depicting a perfectly manicured hand clutching a vibrator, the pin is made from enamel, metal and plenty of sass.

Air Mag 2015 Lapel Pin

To celebrate Marty McFly, Doc and even Biff today—for Back to the Future Day—and long after, retro pin makers Yesterdays offers this miniature-sized tribute. Wear a version of the movie’s self-lacing sneakers (complete with light-up panels) with pride and never forget: hoverboards don’t work on water, unless you’ve got power.

Ramen Lapel Pin

Hungry Eyes NY has released a very cute collection of soft enamel pins that are small, but have big personalities. With donuts, pizza and more on the menu, Hungry Eyes NY injects humor into their pins (and humanizes some of our favorite snacks) with a pair of googly eyes incorporated into each design. Our pick is the .70″ tall bowl of ramen, because one serving …