Lavender Hemp Sleeping Mask

Infused with organic, full-spectrum hemp and 28 active botanicals, the Kana Skincare lavender hemp sleeping mask is a luscious potion that leaves skin feeling nourished. The oil—which uses phytocannabinoid (a natural pain-reliever and relaxant), hyaluronic acid, sativa hemp extract, beta-glucan (an anti-wrinkle agent) and lavender to improve skin’s hydration and brightness—also promotes relaxation at bed time. Simply apply an even amount to your face and neck, …

Lavender Pillow Insert

ElizabethW’s linen pillow inserts are a super soothing way to fall asleep. Simply slide one into your pillowcase and the subtle lavender scent will relax your mind for a full night of sweet dreams.

Revitalizing Travel Candle Set

From Green & Spring comes the smell of lavender, geranium and rosemary. The candles will emit a sense of calm and freshness in the air while it burns its 100% natural wax. The set contains three candles and all ingredients are sustainable and vegan.