Lazy Oaf Cards

Nothing captures the sentiment of quirky young love, growing another year older or other special occasions quite like a giggle-inducing card from London’s Lazy Oaf. Share your feelings with one of their myriad designs.

Lazy Oaf + Garfield Summer ’14 Collection

The East London label meets the godfather of grumpy cats for a colorful and nostalgic summer collection

Before Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation and a meme standard, Garfield (created by American cartoonist Jim Davis) starred in feature films, garnered multiple Emmys, broke a Guinness World Record for most widely syndicated comic strip and won the hearts of readers—all without lifting a paw, staying true to his apathetic nature. As the ultimate “Lazy Oaf” in cartoon history, Garfield is a perfect partner …

Block Socks

Lazy Oaf’s snazzy Block Socks offer feet a little respite from the doldrums of standard solid white. The graphic pattern is like a little secret, poking out at the ankles between your brogues and selvedge denim.