Rose 31 Detergent

Modern perfumery and quality detergent merge in The Laundress and Le Labo’s collaboration. Determined to bring luxury to your laundry, the Rose 31 concoction is a super-concentrated formula (meaning you should get 32 washes from a single bottle) that’s paraben-free and contains only plant-based ingredients. Washing stinky socks will never be the same.

Solid Perfume

Small-batch cult perfumer Le Labo has a new way for you to wear your favorite scent: in solid perfume form. The refillable metal case is small and portable, so Santal 33 or Vetiver 46 can be taken on a plane or applied anywhere you go. Rubbing the wax scent onto wrists, or even by décolletage, just further enhances the already sensual experience.

Six Unique Candles

Swap out your boring frou-frou candles for ones that start a conversation

There’s something about lighting a candle—an effortless way to instantly transform the ambience of a room, with the strike of a match, making everything look a little more beautiful. We learned that in Scandinavian tradition, the heat and light provided by this simple object has become a cultural symbol of cozy intimacy and gathering that nourishes the soul. The word for this—untranslatable in the English …