Victimless Leather

Tissue Culture and Art Project may be reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, but they certainly are up to some fascinating work. Currently they are growing a jacket out of immortalized mouse and human cells. One day this may be an alternative to to killing animals for their hides, but in the mean time the project is meant to prompt a dialog about environmentalism, sustainability and …

Ava Computers

AVA Computers, founded by Adrian Anz, builds custom computers. From guts to casing, every component is hand picked for each customer. AVA uses gold, leather and other fine materials to create a computer, display, keyboard and mouse to suit your personal taste. Check out the tricked out samples on their site. via Daily Candy

Vertu Ascent

Nokia’s little lux side project, Vertu , yields a new collection. Ascent combines leather and high tech metals and has more attractive lines than the original Signature line, launched in 2002. The price point is still insane, however. $4500 at a Vertu Botique (by appointment only)