Artist Jon Burgerman’s Nicer Tuesdays Talk

As part of It’s Nice That’s “Nicer Tuesdays” design talks, CH favorite Jon Burgerman headed to London to discuss his Instagram account, animation experiments, the power of doodles and more. He explains that doodles can be almost anything, not just scribbles on paper—he says it’s “thinking and making at the same time.” Watch the full talk over at It’s Nice That.

Tippet Rise Art Center, Montana

A place where art, performance and nature collide in a magical way

A couple of hours from Yellowstone National Park, a very different (but no less spectacular) kind of destination opened just last month. Tippet Rise Art Center, located in Fishtail, Montana, is driven by the mission to make art and music more affordable and accessible and to encourage people to experience it in a different way. Founded by Peter and Cathy Halstead, Tippet Rise blends music, …

Fashionable Technology Book Launch

Professor, designer, CEO and curator Sabine Seymour's new book "Fashionable Technology" collects 50 examples in the burgeoning field that integrate technology with clothing. From the conceptual to the practical, the survey features gorgeous photographs and detailed descriptions of work by artists, designers and institutions. We don't want to give too much away here as we'll be covering the book in detail and if you're in …