Tamron 18-400mm Di II VC HLD Lens

In partnership with TAMRON

A camera accessory for those who shoot on the move, Tamron’s 18-400mm ultra-telephoto 22.2X all-in-one zoom lens offers an undeniable sharpness at all focal lengths. Whether shooting expansive cityscapes or close-up details, it’s up to the challenge. Moisture-resistant, weighing under 25 ounces, and available for Nikon and Canon APS-C camera bodies, it’s practical, useful and easy to use in almost any circumstance. Right now through …

Revo’s “Indestructible” Bear Grylls Sunglasses Collaboration

Accessories fit for an adventurer

During the development of their new collection, tech-forward sunglasses brand Revo and acclaimed survival instructor Bear Grylls sought an indestructible material that would meet the needs of adventurers. Grylls was drawn to Revo for their well-known technical capabilities. “The lens technology on Revo is second to none,” he explains to CH. “So that was a big pull. Its mirror coating is a NASA-based technology and …

CL Mirrorless Camera

The beloved Leica CL has been a favorite among photographers for a long time. Now, the classic has been reinvented as a digital camera. With a Sony 24MP sensor, eye-level EVF, and interchangeable lenses, the camera still remains almost the same size as the original. WiFi-enabled, it’s an incredibly responsive camera that will impress users with the quality of images it produces.