Tens Filter Sunglasses

The creative UK trio adds an Instagram touch to stylish, unisex frames with sense-heightening lenses

Thanks to the ever-expanding world of social media photography, many of us have become a little filter obsessed. The ability to enhance or modify everything we capture means easily morphing reality into the prettiest versions technology can envision. With that in mind, Edinburgh, Scotland-based sunglasses company Tens has crafted lenses to do the same—only offline. Many buyers tend to focus on shape and style when …

iPhone Zoom Lens & Tripod

Your likes on Instagram are sure to go through the roof with just a moderate investment in these lightweight, easy-to-use lenses and tripod from Restoration Hardware. Polarized macro and fisheye lenses lend extreme zoom and wide-angle capability, and the foldable tripod is maximally effective when stability is necessary. Finally, your iPhone camera’s capability matches its quality.

First Look: Samsung NX300 and 45mm 2D/3D Lens

Hands-on with Samsung's mirrorless wonder

We got a first look at the just-announced Samsung NX300 today, a high-end consumer camera that, when paired with Samsung’s new 45mm f1.8 2D/3D lens, becomes the company’s first 3D-capable mirrorless “smart” camera. Building on the success of the NX series, the NX300 incorporates Wi-Fi connectivity for instant sharing and uploads, along with a host of other features like a remote viewfinder through their new …