Attack of the Show

Set your Tivo because on Wednesday Attack of the Show! Carol will be talking about the Retro Redux and I'll be babbling about CH. And while we're in LA, rest assured we'll be on the lookout for some great things to post so if you have any tips, bring 'em on.

Stack Conversation Editions

Los Angeles based designers Michael and Laura Leon of Stacks, have released their spring line of T-Shirts. They work on the idea that t-shirts can be used as simple conversation pieces, even valued as precious souvenirs. Their conversation edition spring T's are simple, original and thoughtful.


Chant along with me: Chocolaterie, Pâtisserie, Viennoiserie, Confiserie, Glacerie… I'm still tweaking from my visit to Boule— LA's three month-old shop of wonders by pastry chef Michelle Myers (who is also the co-owner of Sona restaurant). Everything I sampled was great, and several were really exceptional. Her macarons are second only to Ladurée in Paris. Her lemon chiffon marshmallow was tangy and light. And her …