Sushi Socks

Just try and stifle a smile over the sight of socks neatly rolled up like sushi. Made in Tomoyama, Japan, multicolor Sushi Socks (patterns are knitted, not printed) come in “flavors” like octopus, red caviar, tuna, shrimp, egg, and more.

Alex Mill x OMNIGOD: Timeless Workshirts in Japanese Denim

A trans-pacific collaboration drawing on classic fabric development and simple design

If the pinnacle of a craftsperson’s work is doing one thing incredibly well, the partnership between Japan’s denim experts OMNIGOD and NYC menswear label Alex Mill is a true success. Composed of three shirt styles in four colorways and one shawl-collar sweater ($320), the capsule collection reveals itself as a clear choice for those who seek both utility and effortless style in their sartorial choices. …

Nanamica Cycling Pack

A sleek black bag that's as stylish as it is functional

When it comes to backpacks, often basic is best. And, in the case of the Nanamica Cycling Pack, neither bells nor whistles were needed to enhance the bag’s intelligently refined form. While the pack greatly resembles an earlier iteration introduced FW ’13, the recently released SS ’14 edition has been cleaned up and blacked out. A single leather strap secures the main compartment’s roll top, …