Cool Hunting Video: A Tour Of New York City’s Rarities

From a hidden luxury bar to the secrets of the hidden magic library, we explore some of NYC's most unique locations

When thinking about our video series inspired by The Macallan Rare Cask, we started speaking about some other rare treasures that we love, many of them in our hometown of NYC. For our final video in the series we visited a number of special spots, each with their own unique qualities. From the Rarities at the New York Palace Hotel to the mystery of the …

Best of CH 2014: Cool Hunting Video

Highlighting our favorite videos of the year, from street magic to empathetic robots

Cuddling up with friends and family to watch some home videos is a classic holiday pastime, and the CH family can’t help but get nostalgic by revisiting some of our own greatest videos this year. With camera in tow, the CH video team had the fortunate opportunity to explore creative processes, discover hidden whereabouts and participate in some pretty exclusive experiences this year. From a …

Gem Rings

Simple in composition but beautifully complex up close, Gem Rings by Legier + Livaudais present vibrant stones in substantial settings. They’re more than just pretty: gems like the sustainably farmed, striped Red Abalone is said to evoke harmony and balance for the wearer, while black onyx sourced in Utah absorbs negative energy, to be worn in times of stress or grief.