Behind the Scenes with Stowaway Cosmetics

We talk to founders about their unique six-piece, travel-friendly makeup line for women on the move

When NYC-based Stowaway Cosmetics launched last week, it was clear that founders Chelsa Crowley and Julie Fredrickson hit the nail on the head when designing their pocket-sized, essentialist makeup line. Barely a week into production, Stowaway has already garnered praise from all types of women on the go. “We set out to make our lives easier and for women just like us,” Crowley tells CH. …

California Pouch

Handmade in Jaffa, Israel, this zippered pouch is digitally printed on both sides with a mountainous landscape photo of California, taken by the artist herself. Whether you fill it up with art supplies or breath mints, it feels like you’re tucking a little bit of nature into your daily routine.

Nail Art Brush Kit

For the budding nail artist or DIY enthusiast, Sephora’s Nail Art Brush Kit is the complete package. The set comes with fan, flat and pointed brushes, a dotting tool and two fine-tip pens for easy, customizable nail art.