Analog Advertising Will Never Die

So long as there are bugs and viruses, digital advertising will never totally replace analog. These lovely Clear Channel boards that are popping up all over NYC are obviously susceptible to mishap. I think they look better like this, anyway.

Psyop Anthem

Psyop, the freshest CG shop on the planet, has launched a new web site featuring their work. The site is great. Better than the site is their anthem piece, which can also be found in the projects section. It’s a shameless pro-consumption statement on what marketing is really all about. Genius.

Nike Ground

Always a pioneer in PR, Nike has uncovered a yet untapped frontier for name placement: the historic squares of urban Europe. The first location for Nike’s new campaign is Vienna’s Karlsplatz, now known as ‘Nikeplatz.’ In order to promote the Nike lifestyle to the Viennese public, a seductive ‘Info Box’ has been installed in the square. There, visitors can learn about the 18 m high …