Interview: Behind Niyya’s Design-Minded Prayer Mats with Founder Myhra Mirza

Balancing tradition and style, the brand encourages expression of identity with pride

Religious wares are oftentimes traditional, ornate (even outdated) and this makes sense considering they’re rooted in rituals that are thousands of years old. It’s not common that a religious object is functional and authentic while also being contemporary and design-forward. But for Brooklyn-based designer Myhra Mirza, prayer mats (used predominantly within the Muslim faith) existed on two ends of the spectrum: they were either traditional …

Above Home Floor Mat

The humble doormat is part of the first impression when entering a home—so make a lively welcoming statement with this multi-colored floor mat woven from sturdy abacus, a natural fiber. NYC-based Icelandic designer Hlynur Atlason depicts an abstract birds-eye view of backyards and swimming pools.

Hand-Woven Marine Rope Mat

Austrian-born, NYC-based Sophie Aschauer became fascinated with nautical ropes after a New England sailing trip. Her penchant for the vibrant marine material can be seen in her hand-woven floor mats, each crafted in different sizes and colors from recycled rope.