City Guide: Mexico City

Steeped in ancient Mesoamerican history, this Latin American metropolis is a modern playground for international globetrotters

Topping several must-visit destination lists, Mexico City is clearly having a moment. But it would be remiss to think it’s purely a new crop of stylish outposts that is making this an alluring travel destination or the latest low-cost hipster haven. From the pottery- and pyramid-making Mayans who settled in the area in 250 AD, to the Aztec warriors who founded the city in 1325 …

Fabric-Focused Womenswear by Zii Ropa

The young Mexico City-based label's designs revolve around simple lines and high-quality materials

Since moving to Mexico three and half years ago, Vancouver native Bridget Tidey has started her own unique clothing line Zii Ropa. Founded just last year, the brand’s aesthetic is comfortable yet flattering, durable yet sophisticated and is “inspired by diversity of different cultures, landscapes and traditions of making textiles throughout the world,” Tidey tells CH. “I’ve been making clothes since Home Ec class in …

Carla Fernández: Design Culture Mexico at Heath Ceramics

The award-winning designer's new exhibition features shoppable garments created in collaboration with Mexico’s most talented artisans

Based in Mexico City, fashion designer Carla Fernández travels through Mexico seeking the most talented regional artisans; she creates new designs that honor traditional fabrications in each region. This has given Fernández a reputation as a champion of the decorative arts of her beloved country. Last year her multimedia show at Boston’s Gardner Museum entitled “The Barefoot Designer: 
A Passion for Radical Design and Community” …