Lil Buck + AirPods: Stroll

Conveying the device's functionality through anti-gravity dance

Anyone who has seen Lil Buck dance questions the artist’s relationship to gravity. There’s a surreal fluidity to his movement—both graceful and frenetic. To highlight the magical functionality of their recently released AirPods, Apple tapped Lil Buck for three choreographed videos, set to singer Marian Hill‘s track “Down.” Within, Lil Buck showcases some of his signature moves, not only on the streets (of Mexico City, …

Deep Blue Candle

Beatrice Valenzuela channels her hometown of Mexico City for her nature-inspired shoes and accessories—like a beautiful, unique hand-woven net bag from Chiapas. The Echo Park-based designer (who founded Echo Park Craft Fair) also makes one candle: a simple, deep blue wax holding the scents of orange blossoms and incense. The lack of branding makes it feel extra personal.

City Guide: Mexico City

Steeped in ancient Mesoamerican history, this Latin American metropolis is a modern playground for international globetrotters

Topping several must-visit destination lists, Mexico City is clearly having a moment. But it would be remiss to think it’s purely a new crop of stylish outposts that is making this an alluring travel destination or the latest low-cost hipster haven. From the pottery- and pyramid-making Mayans who settled in the area in 250 AD, to the Aztec warriors who founded the city in 1325 …