Rethinking Pittsburgh’s Public Space with Bae Bae’s Greenhouse

With a mission to give back to the community, an eco-minded space for locals and visitors alike

“We really feel we’re not taking anything away from the city, but that we’re giving back”

Microsoft’s Underwater Data Center

One cylinder comprising 864 servers and 27.6 petabytes of storage has been dropped by Microsoft off the coast of Orkney in Scotland. The goal is to see if the tech giant can save energy by cooling in the sea. And the location was chosen as the French-built cylinder will draw power from an undersea cable and the Orkney’s renewable energy supplies. The experiment, known as …

Microsoft HoloLens + Rémy Martin’s “Rooted In Exception” Mixed-Reality Experience

A tech giant and an iconic cognac brand join forces to educate about distilling

by Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick Cognac is perhaps the most luxurious of brandies. It’s a wine that few would choose to drink before it’s twice distilled and matured in French oak casks, where it transforms into a nutty, smooth and refined spirit. While the methodologies involved in creating cognac are timeless, there are new experiences related to consuming the drink, and Rémy Martin is eager to …