Eero Saarinen’s TWA Flight Center

The masterpiece in symmetry and fluidity was opened to the public one last time

This weekend New Yorkers were treated to one last chance to step inside Eero Saarinen’s TWA Flight Terminal in its original form before renovation begins to transform it in to the lobby for the forthcoming JetBlue hotel. Made possible by Open House New York, the viewing inspired hundreds of people to go to the airport for a cultural happening instead of a travel necessity. While …

Race Rocker

Design enthusiasts enjoying the recent resurgence of steel rod furniture should look to that of pioneer Ernest Race. The self-taught British designer turned to metal after WWII forced the country to ration more traditional materials like wood, and through his optimistic, fluid forms, he created what would become iconic designs. The Rocker is now available again in a range of colors.

Three Reissued Modernist Lamps

Celebrated mid-century designers' once forgotten luminaires brought back to life

by Adam tch As the year rolls forward many furniture and lightning brands continue to show an interest in reissuing historical design artifacts of decades past. Large or small, most producers comprising the design market now present some form of forgotten or previously discontinued elements of design. To offer an a bit of insight into this process, the following three reissued luminaire designs explore hidden …