Slinkachu’s Miniaturesque

An exhibition of all new work from the photographer of tiny scenes and their greater context

Debuting 17 new staged images on both paper and aluminum, as well as his largest sculptural work to date, London-based artist Slinkachu continues his clever portrayal of miniature figurines captured in humorous scenes. His latest exhibition, “Miniaturesque,” opens today 13 March 2015 at Andipa Gallery in London and shows strong thematic developments from the artist, who captured our attention with his 2012 book Global Model …

Cool Hunting Video: Thomas Doyle

Frozen in time, miniature sculptures that explore the idyllic American home

In a small suburb north of New York City we met Thomas Doyle, a sculptor whose miniature works reveal an interesting view of his characters’ lives. Doyle constructs frozen scenes of surreal domesticity and suburban life that provoke nostalgia and warmth—until one takes a closer look. Maybe the idyllic image of the American family is not as cozy as it seems.

Pop-Out Guggenheim Museum

Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic spiral design takes new shape in a puzzle by Marc Tetro

A Frank Lloyd Wright design you can safely demolish and rebuild again without fear, the new Pop-Out Guggenheim Museum is an entertaining eight-piece puzzle conceived by Atlanta-based artist Marc Tetro. The simplified cardboard version comes packed flat, and the large components easily pop out and fold up allowing anyone at any age level to participate in constructing one of the world’s most iconic architectural structures. …