Lego Architecture Studio

The latest kit leaves the instruction manual behind for you to create your own masterpiece

There’s no denying that the Lego Architecture series serves as an excellent excuse for big kids to get their hands on a classic children’s toy. Just like those days of Lego Star Fighters; you diligently follow each step, patiently trying not to skip ahead until you’re done. But a puzzle that comes with an instruction manual is inherently missing the creative angle that many of …


A trio of Berlin creatives team up to start a talent agency devoted to real life characters

Certain things come to mind when the words “modeling agency” are mentioned. Rarely do those things include cabaret artists, stand-up comedians or burlesque performers. The new Berlin-based agency WeAreUnlikeYou aims to change that by finding individuals who embrace their passions—however unconventional they may be—and live life with all of their inner character. WeAreUnlikeYou began when creative director Maurice Redmond saw some of the images his …

Balsa Flyer

A delightful toy plane with a 29-inch wingspan handmade from balsa wood by Brooklyn-based design duo Fredericks & Mae for ABC Carpet & Home.