Limited Edition Notebook

Prominently featuring the Chinese Fú character (福) for good luck and good fortune, this limited edition Moleskine notebook features many nods to Chinese tradition. From the red and gold endpapers to the knot motif, as well as the two enclosed lucky red envelopes, Chinese culture is celebrated here, but beyond that, it’s up to the user as to what goes on the acid-free pages within—be …

Moleskine’s Comprehensive Smart Writing Set

A notebook, pen and dedicated app that take analog to digital with ease

At a conference on productivity—which touched on everything from the importance of tech-free alone time to the educational and emotional benefits of writing by hand (as outlined in a series of studies on the subject)—Moleskine unveiled their latest analog-to-digital wonder. The Smart Writing Set (composed of three unique and integral components) makes it possible to write by hand and have everything from notes to doodles …

Tablet Notebook Case

Classic meets modern with Travelteq’s tablet case, which houses your 7” tablet, Moleskine notebook, and business cards in vegetable-tanned Florentine Vacchetta leather. The Dutch design company promises quality, with each case handmade in Italy.