Cool Hunting Video: Wolfgang Egger and Audi’s Quattro Concept

Sketching and chatting with the German automaker's dynamic head of design

Recently, Audi invited CH to Ingolstadt, Germany, for a behind-the-scenes look at their extraordinarily advanced production facility. Additionally, we spent some time in Munich, where we were able to roam around Audi’s highly protected design studio. During the visit, we sat down with Wolfgang Egger—Audi’s head of design—to chat about the roots of their new Quattro concept car and Egger’s forward-thinking approach to superior engineering.

Peter Halley Studio Visit

New work by the NYC artist known for his colorfully bold "prison" paintings

Earlier this month, one of New York CIty’s native artists, Peter Halley, invited some members of the press into his studio for a preview of his new works. For over 25 years Halley has painted his “prisons” and “cells,” reflecting the “increasing geometricization of social space in the world we live in.” Regardless of how you read the social commentary, these bold, bright paintings masterfully …

BMW Kinetic Sculpture

One particularly stunning highlight from the 125 exhibits packed into the newly-renovated BMW Welt in Munich is a mechatronic installation by ART+COM, the Berlin-based interactive media company. The project uses 714 metal balls that are individually suspended one barely visible strings, creating an seemingly weightless, amorphous mass. Each ball lowers and retracts independently, which allows them to approximate almost any form. The installation moves through …