Neapolitan Pizza Makers Added to UNESCO Cultural List

Known as pizzaiuoli, the pizza makers of Naples, Italy have been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity listing, by the organization’s committee for safeguarding culture. Roughly 3000 pizza makers were added to the list, along with 32 other non-pizza-related organizations across the globe. As pizza maker Antonio Sorbillo explained to the New York Times, “We make a product that has conquered the world.”

Factory Visit: Christian Louboutin

The Naples location where skilled artisans create the brand's trademark shoes

Since setting up his eponymous label in 1991, French designer Christian Louboutin’s shoes have become synonymous with power, prestige and class thanks to their sexy, edgy design and extreme creativity. Lesser known is the fact that Louboutin produces men’s footwear as well—something that should be on the radar of all shoe enthusiasts. On a very hot day this July, we had the chance to visit …


After his first visit to Italy’s seaside city of Naples, photographer Brett Lloyd was hooked. Captivated by the vivacity of the families frolicking among the warm summer waters, Lloyd began snapping photographs hoping to capture the carefree scenes playing out in front of him. NYC-based publisher Dashwood Books took notice of Lloyd’s work and commissioned him to further document his Neapolitan experiences resulting in Scugnizzi, …