Florian Maier-Achen

Florian Maier-Achen is a young landscape photographer born in Cologne, Germany, and now residing in Los Angeles. Maier-Achen's ability to convey dark, apocalyptic feelings in his work transform earthy landscapes and sweeping terrains into things of beauty and terror. His photos are featured in several important public collections including the Denver Art Museum, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art and the Saatchi Gallery in …

Visual Reference’s Thermal Stool

Visual Reference Studio's Swamp Collection takes its inspiration from the depths of the Mississippi marshlands where their studio is located. With the Cypress Stool, Duckweed Lounge and Swamp Bench/Lounge from the collection, design team Nuno Gonçalves Ferreira and Erin Hayne have taken Frank Lloyd Wright's original vision of nature-inspired designs to a whole new level. The organic shaped thermo-chromatic furniture uses heat sensitive crystals to …

Cool Hunting Video Presents: To Catch a Web, Part Two

Emil "Rocky" Fiore gently captures spiderwebs that preserves on glass, Part Two

Our second video on Emil Fiore, New Jersey’s only spiderweb catcher, ventures into the forest to watch a few “catches.” Going a little deeper than Part One (which documented the capture of one web), this episode looks more closely at his process, as well as the spiders and their webs themselves.