Suicide Girls x Needled

The latest contributor to help make Suicide Girls a lot more than just a skin site, is none other than Tattoo Revue, as she calls it, is a weekly recap of the world in tattoos, a kind of "Needled for those with Attention Deficit Disorder." Also giving Marisa a chance to cover some topics outside of Needled's scope, today's debut installment runs down the most …

Needled: Docteur Gecko

Needled reports today on Docteur Gecko who modifies bus shelter ads using light sensitive colors that only show up at night. Like this riff on Desperate Housewives, the results are generally dark or subversive comments on the subject. Check Needled for one of the tattoo-based pieces and a link to the original post on Wooster Collective.

Needled: Skin Is a Language

Needled visits the Whitney's exhibit that takes skin—metaphorically, literally, and otherwise—as its curatorial premise. Skin Is a Language includes works by some heavy-hitters from the Whitney’s permanent collection such as Catherine Opie, Ellen Gallagher, Félix González-Torres, Eva Hesse, Roni Horn, and Jasper Johns, and the pieces included in the show all touch on the ideas that help inform the significance of skin as a canvas.