Needled Artist Profile: Boris Zalaszam

Over at Needled this morning Marisa has a profile of Hungarian Tatooist, Boris Zalaszam. His attention to detail is stellar and style unique. Check it out.

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Marisa has a few great posts today over at Needled that are must reads: An artist profile of Leeds based Steve Byrne who's also a painter and architect and has an incredible style. An update on gallery shows in New york and Connecticut. A preview of the Seattle Tattoo Convention.


It is with great pleasure (and a bit of pain) that I announce our newest site, Needled. Edited by the fabulous Marisa DiMattia, Needled takes a look at the art of tattooers, on skin and on canvas. It also looks at the culture, politics, and laws affecting tattoo art. Needled understands that body art aficionados cannot be put into neat boxes: they are lawyers with …