Bittersweets Jewelry

Bittersweets line that includes swords, maggots, and earthworm motifs. One necklace features a tiny sterling silver human heart pierced by a removable mini 14k gold dagger. They start at $175 from Bittersweets.

Exclusive Cool Hunting Gifts

The clock is ticking, but you still have time to make this the best xmas ever by picking up some limited edition exclusives from Cool Hunting's Gift Guide. The three designs pictured here are patterns from our artist-designed gift wrap by emerging artists Seth Brau and Derek Aylward. Brau's black on white patterns adds pop psychedelia and Aylward's biting wit brings levity to gift-giving. Only …

Tam Aura Concrete Rings

Brooklyn-based designer Tam Aura brings industrial elegance to jewelry with this line of concrete rings. Clean lines and simple, fluid designs subtly highlight her unique use of materials. The unusual pairing of sterling silver and concrete generates "a sense of strength and indestructibility…balanced by the cool green-grey tones." Starting at $70 from Tam Aura