Bike Watching: An Urban Explorer’s Journal

Illustrator David Sparshott designed this notebook to encourage your new hobby of bike watching. Finish where the London-based artist leaves off with your own bicycle-related sketches, thoughts and haikus.

Shit I Gotta Get Done Notebook

Just call your to-do list exactly what it is. This handy little notebook helps you keep track of all the shit you have to fucking get done.

The Obliteration Room

Upside-down ice fishing, where to go skinny dipping and a room exploded with stickers—highlights from the web this week

This fantastic installation at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art by artist Yayoi Kusama takes interactive art to a whole new level. Starting with a blank white room the artist invited children to take part using a massive collection of colored dot stickers. The result is a multi-colored wonderland of childish joy.