Cool Hunting Video Presents: Nouvelle Vague: Nugroove vol. 5

Our fifth music installment takes a look at the vintage new wave-obsessed French group, Nouvelle Vague

With bossa nova-kissed covers of vintage new wave, lilting French accents and sweetly soothing vocals, Nouvelle Vague‘s eponymous debut in 2004 was a global hit, providing the perfect soundtrack for romantic first dates. Currently touring with their equally charming and catchy second release, Wendy McNeill for a few games of bowling before catching their New York performance at Webster Hall. In the video you’ll see …

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Hess is More: Nugroove vol. 3

Though Mikkel Hess has been creating his original, hypnotic and timeless music for years, he only recently discovered how to incorporate all of the instrumentation in a live setting

Mikkel Hess (aka Hess is More), makes music for films, theater and multimedia (including a recent collaboration with the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen), has a current radio and MTV hit in Europe, and plays tennis. With his virtuosic ability to play multiple instruments and love of jazz and experimental electronica, Hess creates a sound palette that is all at once original, hypnotic and timeless. Cool …

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Quantic: Nugroove vol. 2

Quantic draws his genre-spanning sounds from the stacks of old records he lovingly digs through on a regular basis

Known for deftly blending a wide range of multi-ethnic sounds, calling Brighton-based DJ Amazon.