Key Cable

The Key Cable for iPhone packages a handy, on-the-go charger into an elegant French knot that attaches to your keys. About the size of a bouncy ball and available in three colors—zebra, coral and marine blue—the durable TPE and nylon fob connects a universal USB with your phone to plug in anywhere.

Nylon Leash and Collar

Beware of the dog, cause this handsome hound is making one serious fashion statement. Luxury dog clothing and accessories brand Ware of the Dog is inspired by the graphic sensibility and humor inherent in “Beware of the Dog” signs. From their stylish collection come these brightly hued nylon leashes and collars, which can be purchased separately, or as a set.

Blueberries 3D-Printed Jewelry

Two Czech designers collaborate on an award-winning collection of innovative accessories

by Adam tch The contemporary Czech jewelry scene is exceptional. Over the past few years, an array of intriguing designers and craftsmen have become newly curious about jewelry as an abstract structure and have formed a new movement around this facet of design. Jewelry is now one of the most prestigious and interesting fields for young Czech designers, and two that are leading the charge …