C-Explorer 2

Because private planes are just so passé! All it takes is a 3-week course and a well-earned chunk of change—next thing you know you can be at the helm of your own private submarine, exploring the ocean floor like never before. With depth ratings ranging from 100-1000 meters, this technological wonder is the stuff that dreams are made of. Take the plunge.

Muju Ocean Guardians

Fish-scaled sculptures raise environmental awareness

Located in St. Ives in Cornwall, England, Muju World is an artist’s studio run by Mr. and Miss Muju that specializes in mixed media and toy creations. Their latest release is a team of “Ocean Guardians“, five sculptural pieces representing the five oceans: Arctic, Indian, Pacific, Atlantic and Southern. The scaled creatures are hand-cast in resin by Miss Muju and painted by hand in aqua …

Patagonia R1

Warm water wetsuits built with an innovative recycled polyester fabric

Having mastered innovative wool-lined wetsuits designed for near-Arctic conditions, Patagonia unleashed their research and development team and returned to their Southern California roots with the recent release of the R1 warm water wetsuit. By taking everything they knew about building suits for cold water and applying it to warm water, Patagonia was able to swap the merino wool for a specially developed recycled polyester blend …