Cool Hunting Video Presents: Knoll ReGeneration

The office chair re-imagined in our latest video about the future of sitting

Advertorial content: In our latest video we got to talk to the creative minds at Knoll about the latest addition to their Generation line of work chairs, the ReGeneration. Based on the original Generation model the ReGeneration strived to achieve the same comfort and practicality while greatly reducing environmental impact through material reduction and thoughtful consideration at each step of production.

Rack360 by Naolab

Sleek and slender rotating storage

Standing 80cm tall, Naolab‘s recently released Rack360 is a creatively arranged storage unit for small spaces. The 12 stacked drawers fan out like a spiral of steps that can rotate a full 360 degrees to accommodate any number of configurations. Described by Naolab as being “perfect for long things”, the rack can hold a wide array of items from food and kitchen supplies to tools …

Rest and Concentration in the Workplace

Cranbrook Academy of Art's collaboration with Herman Miller explores the modern office

Today’s laptops, tablets and smartphones have enabled workers to be more flexible in defining when, where and how they get their jobs done. While offices are still quite important for many, the way they’re set-up is ripe for evolution. An increased emphasis on community and teamwork is also at play—potentially at the cost of privacy and concentration. To consider solutions for this conundrum Herman Miller …