Michoucas Design Stationary

Carole Birou founded Michoucas Design with a mission to make beautiful and high-quality stationery with a commitment to local production and sustainability. Her unique cards showcase a variety of subjects in a minimalist style, and are handmade in Bordeaux, reminding us that there is much more than just fine wine coming out of the region.

You Turn Me On Card

Let your favorite computer nerd know what’s behind all of the digital banter with this illustrated card from Portland’s Darkroom and Dearly, which delivers just the right amount of dorky love.

David Shrigley: Polite Cards

by Gabriel Bell For those with a checkered past or a wicked sense of humor we recommend a selection from David Shrigley's line of comical cards presented by the British design collective, Polite. Granted, there's nothing actually polite about Shrigley's cards, and even less that's sweet. The cards feature captions like, "It's Getting Worse," "Leave Me Alone You Horrible Freaks," and "At The Moment I'm …