Woodcut Notecards

This lovely set of a dozen notecards and envelopes in based on the book “Woodcut” by Connecticut artist Bryan Nash Gill. Exquisite tree trunk cross sections come to life in striking detail, revealing the immense power and beauty that lies within a tree’s organic structure.

Silhouette CAMEO

Say goodbye to the Exacto knife and hello to the Cameo. This electronic cutting machine plugs into your computer just like a printer, and cuts cardstock, vinyl and fabric into any shape you tell it too—endless creative possibilities for a relatively low cost. Your crafting corner will never be the same.

Twigs & Berries Wrapping Paper

We know what you’re thinking: With so many amazing gifts on order from the CH Gift Guide, what wrapping paper could possibly live up to the absolute brilliance of your present array? This splendid Twigs and Berries paper from illustrator Colourbox is as environmentally friendly as it is delightful, and will certainly do the trick.