Feminist With a To-Do List Pencil

Whether writing a grocery list, an essay dissecting Simone de Beauvoir’s theories, your brilliant memoir or anything in between, these “Feminist With a To-Do List” pencils will keep you motivated. The Number 2 graphite pencils are also perfect for drawing illustrations of the collapse of the patriarchy.

Brassing Ballpoint Pen

Taiwan-based design studio, Ystudio, builds minimalistic pens and pencils from sturdy metals like copper and brass. Their Brassing Series ballpoint pen is coated with a black paint that wears down with use, eventually revealing an underlying luster in a patina that’s unique to each writer. Purposely scraping it off can even add instant personalization. It’s a beautiful and clever process that’ll make you want to …

Telling the Stories of Oaxaca

Artist Snejina Latev raises funds for a documentary that will put cameras into the hands of young artisans

Sofia, Bulgaria-born and NYC-based artist Snejina Latev escaped to Oaxaca at the end of last year, leaving the city (and its mental baggage) for a few months to create work in a new environment. After falling in love with the city of Mexican artisans, Latev will return in July to document their studio practices, the materials they use and the techniques they have developed—but Latev …