Carine Roitfeld Parfums’ “7 lovers” Genderless Scents

International elegance conveyed through seven distinct fragrances

With “7 lovers,” iconic fashion editor and magazine founder Carine Roitfeld demonstrates a deep understanding of the human imagination’s connection to scent. Her debut fragrance line (and, in fact, her first foray into products entirely), “7 lovers” features seven different products—each built around a character and an accompanying city. All of these characters are referred to as fictional lovers—love in the broadest sense though: aspirational …

Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Brick + Mortar

Exemplary gifts found in real-life stores

With just a few days left to prepare, shopping for presents online may no longer be an option. For those who need to make the dash to brick-and-mortar stores, we have selected a bunch of gifts that are available at retail outposts all over—from NYC to Nashville, Miami to Minneapolis, SF to Seattle. Chances are there are a couple of these retailers in or near your town. …

Eau Triple Kiso Yuzu

Free of alcohol and ethanol (like most perfumes) this delicate water-based fragrance is lively but not overpowering. With notes of yuzu, lemon, mint and Japanese laurel, it’s a citrusy scent with further layers of complexity. The bottle itself, with an ornately shape old-world top, is as elegant as the scent it houses. Price is in Euros.