Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Aperture Priority

Lenses, gadgets, books and more for photography lovers

Everyone is a photographer. With smartphones, we all possess digital photo rolls that run thousands of images deep. Thanks to social media, we can be quick to share, as well. Together, this means a slew of accessories that actually aid camera phone captures—some of which are quite good. That said, nothing makes a photo better than understanding what goes into a good frame. Fortunately, there’s …

Butterfly Wings Explored Through Chris Perani’s Marco Photography

Layer upon layer of  iridescent scales, running along multicolored hairs, are revealed through Chris Perani’s marco photography of butterfly wings. The photographer employs a 10x microscope objective affixed to a 200mm lens in order to get such precision. The findings are perhaps unsurprisingly exquisite and thoroughly mesmerizing, but Perani’s method is certainly notable. See more imagery at Colossal, where Perani outlines his process further.

Henry Hargreaves’ “Fortunes of a Nation” Photographic Series

Presidential quotations repurposed for art

One can react to repeat political disappointment, sadness and confusion through innumerable means. Art, however, has long been one of the most important tunnels to channel it all into. With his latest photographic series, “Fortunes of a Nation,” CH favorite Henry Hargreaves has found a way to grapple with the baffling linguistics of America’s current president. Hargreaves repurposes quotations drawn from speeches and tweets and, …