Jenny Holzer: For New York City

A big thank you to Creative Time for bringing the brilliance of Jenny Holzer to NYC. Jenny Holzer returns to New York City to launch her first public art project here in over a decade. The project consists of her first xenon projections in the United States, and an inventive and spectacular display of her Truisms flying high in the New York City sky. Details …

Mile High Kit

Mile High Kit is the first in a new line of products from Oro Design. Stocked with everything you need to get prepared and get busy, the Mile High Kit keeps the savvy traveller equipped with all the toys and tools needed for a hot night. Condoms, cock ring, lube and more are all packed in to a tasteful little case. $55 at flight001

Air Traffic Ant Farm

The Aviation Systems Division of the NASA Ames Research Center has published Emergence.