Friends With You

Check out these sometimes auspicious buddies from Friends With You. They're 100% handmade bundles of quirky love. Most items will set you back by about $15 or $30 green. Featured here is Mr.TTT and mini Mr.TTT. Both of which are said to bring good luck. The full size Mr.TTT also comes in three parts. All the more love to share!

Big Willy Snot Box and Uranus

Forget your grandmother's crochet tissue box covers, it's all about these naughty little creatures. They're the next big thing in the Parcel line by Loop. They'll retail for about $10 – 16 at select stores in Japan, Europe and the US– and of course, on the Loop web site. Here’s a peek at the rest of the line… Uranus Flat Frog Drunk Skunk Tea Time …