Simon Freund’s “Mit Oder Ohne” Memory Game

Simon Freund’s newest photo series, Mit Oder Ohne (which translates to “With or Without”), features 32 Polaroid photos taken with flash and those same 32 scenes captured once again without flash. Rather than present the two side-by-side, Freund turned his collection into a memory game. The game—accessible online or in print on original Ravensburger memory cards—comes in 16, 36 or 64 squares and showcases the difference …

New and More Versatile, Polaroid’s Now Camera

Improved design and increased creative control make this the company's most advanced instant camera yet

Expanding upon the brand’s 82-year legacy, Polaroid‘s newest point-and-shoot instant camera, the Polaroid Now ($99), features upgrades to its focus, battery, flash and user experience, all while maintaining the magic of previous generations. This particular release also signifies the end of Polaroid Originals—an offshoot of the company formed from The Impossible Project in 2017, at the then-peak of instant photography’s resurgence. But for many, the …

Impossible I-1 Instant Film Camera Kit

From Impossible Project (which set out in 2008 to revive the analog photography format that Polaroid pioneered some 80 years prior), the Impossible I-1 camera boasts an 82-109mm lens with a five-zone autofocus system—making it an upgraded version of a classic. Accepting 600-type instant film, the camera also features Bluetooth capabilities and its app offers a remote trigger, self-timer and much more.