Grand Canyon Polaroid Camera

Retrospekt, Parks Project and the Grand Canyon Conservancy teamed up for this limited edition Polaroid 600 which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Grand Canyon officially being named a state park. With a custom colorway and artwork, each of the 600 cameras has been carefully crafted from refurbished parts and features a built-in flash, exposure compensation slider and comes with a neck strap.

Polaroid Originals Unveils OneStep+ Camera

An instant, analog device with photo-editing features and an iOS app

To celebrate Polaroid’s 80th year, in 2017, the brand unveiled the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2—a camera designed to be an upgraded revert to analog. The natural progression from last year’s release to today’s—including the addition of an iOS app, settings, and a new lens—is the Polaroid OneStep+; their most expansive analog camera since the end of their of instant film production in 2008 and subsequent …

96 Cam

’90s nostalgia continues, this time with Polaroid’s new (but old) 96 Cam—an original Polaroid 600 camera from 1996 but updated in two new colorways. With a close-up lens, lighten/darken slider and automatic flash (with override), it has all the features of the ’96 version.