Wall: River Mansion

From the now dismantled Brooklyn rock group WALL comes another taste of their forthcoming LP release, the (first and) only full-length album they recorded. “River Mansion” is a mesmerizing six-and-a-half minute-long post-punk exploration. There’s rock force here, married to dizzying psychedelia. WALL’s Untitled LP will be released 28 April.


A dizzying glitchy music video for Danny L Harle and Caroline Polachek, plus new BADBADNOTGOOD, Sampha and more of our favorite music this week

Danny L Harle (feat. Caroline Polachek): Ashes of Love PC Music ambassador Danny L Harle’s collaboration with Caroline Polachek of Chairlift, “Ashes of Love,” brings out both of their unique strengths: melodies that unfold like a labyrinth, reinforced by Eurovision-level HD production and Dance Dance Revolution flashbacks. But its new music video by artist Sam Rolfes is what’s swallowed us up whole. Rolfes (who’s made …

The Lines: Single Engine Duster

There’s plenty of intrigue surrounding The Lines’ recently released album hull down, of which “Single Engine Duster” is the lead single. The Lines are not a new band. They released a few albums in the late ’70s and early ’80s, and once shared a stage with The Cure—before disappearing from the cultural conscious. hull down is billed as the band’s “lost” album, and it’s a …