Botanical Paperweight

Perfectly preserved, this handsome paperweight captures the graceful structure and magical whimsy of a dandelion, one of nature’s most useful flowers.

Caicifang: A New Life for Ancient Porcelain

Salvaging precious shards of history to bring a taste of tradition to contemporary design

Since the beginning of last century, when the Qing dynasty was in its final years, China had a tradition of recovering old fragments of precious ceramic. In 1902, in the bustling commercial area south of Beijing‘s Forbidden City, several workshops were already giving a new life to broken vases by assembling little fragments into new pieces of jewelry. Wang Jing, owner and designer of Caicifang, …

Watchcase: Reinvention in Sag Harbor

Historic preservation brings new life to the abandoned Fahys Watch Case Company factory

Long Island’s Sag Harbor, a quiet Hamptons escape, has long maintained a community that holds history and preservation paramount. For the last seven years, a project has been underway to meet local standards and reinvent one of the village’s iconic structures. Watchcase is more than a new luxury residence—it represents revitalization and reinvention on a scale rarely seen on the island’s storied southern fork. The …