CHV: Kawasaki Building The Wheel

Wheels big and small made in house, thousands at a time

In our fourth and final piece from our visit with Kawasaki in Lincoln, NE we went to a smaller corner of their enormous plant. While probably the least glamorous of their products, their wheels may be the most practical and abundant. The company brings in raw steel and spits out a finished wheel—the entire process takes place thousands of times a day, and no matter …

CHV: Kawasaki Jet Ski Assembly Line

The surprisingly complex process behind creating the jet-propelled personal watercraft

The third video from our visit to Kawasaki‘s labyrinthine production facility covers their jet ski assembly line. Perhaps unknown to most water-faring hobbyists, constructing a jet ski is a rather complicated process involving a multitude of impressive industrial processes. The most compelling is the 3,000 ton custom press which almost instantaneously converts flexible fiberglass fabric into a resilient hull.

Olmeca Altos Tequila

A friendly 100% blue agave spirit with a smooth punch of fresh citrus, made in Jalisco

“The patience is in the fields,” explains Olmeca Tequila‘s master distiller Jesus Hernández on our recent trip to their Jalisco distillery, where we learned firsthand how they produce their Altos tequilas. While the entire process is a genuine labor of love, it all starts with a mature blue agave plant, which takes an average of seven years to cultivate. There’s no sense in harvesting the …