Macintosh-Inspired Mac

Taking cues from the very first Macintosh computer, German tech site Curved/labs came out with a sleek new design concept for the next Apple iMac. Up front, the new design is heavily influenced by the iMac’s ancestor with the screen, memory card slot and logo placement almost identical, while a side profile view reveals a sleek, slim frame resembling a bent sheet of metal.

Prototype Chair

Marc Newson’s Prototype Chair, which he designed in 1983 for his graduation show at Sydney College of the Arts, stands as one of the most iconic examples of outstanding student work. The steel rods and anodized sheet aluminum, welded and soldered by Newson himself, comprise the clean, sturdy design of a piece that would set the tone for the designer’s ensuing, legendary career.

Fifty Bicycles That Changed the World

London's Design Museum chronicles two-wheel transportation at its finest

Short of material innovation and aesthetic refinement, the bicycle as we know it has changed very little since its early days of development in the late 19th century. However slight, the evolution of the world’s most widely used mode of transportation is not one to overlook. To document the most significant iterations to reach market, London’s Design Museum recently published the aptly named “Fifty Bicycles …