Punk Vans

Onward with punk… Vans was showing these lovelies at Soled Out tonight. “How was the event” you ask? Kind of annoying. The kicks were pretty good, but they were all packed in behind a tiny little bar where crowds were 3 and 4 deep. There was too much going on to take it all in, but I was able to grab some pics…

L’Ange De Mort

Methamphibian and Well Bred collaborated on these punk couture Nike Blazers. Known as the L'Ange De Mort , or The Angel of Death, the only way to get one of the limited edition pairs is by winning them. You’ll be entered in the drawing if you buy a Deth Rok T-shirt from Well Bred (design also in collaboration with Methamphibian.


Christopher's first collection, Skulls and Dreamers is kind of like seeing the softer side of punk. The hard core aesthetic is balanced by slightly warm hearted content. Stay tuned for his next collection: Fly Away.