OnWord’s New Park for “Non-Traditional Skaters” in Chicago

Like many places, Chicago’s skate scene is dominated by straight, white cis men, oftentimes leaving women, people of color, gender-nonconforming and queer individuals feeling unwelcome or intimidated in skateparks. OnWord, a collective on a mission to empower “non-traditional skaters,” seeks to change that. For their most recent project, the group built their own pop-up park, called OnSite, where all people can feel safe and welcome. …

“& the future is now” Tote Bag

From queer-owned Femme Forte, this tote bag displays the accurate slogan “the future of feminism is trans-inclusive,” both forward and as a mirror image. Printed on 100% organic cotton, it’s made ethically in a process that’s wind- and solar-powered. Plus, 10% of the proceeds from each sale is donated to Mermaids, an organization focused on supporting trans and gender-diverse kids. Price is in Pounds.

“Not Another Second,” an Augmented Reality Exhibition Centered on LGBTQ+ Seniors

Inside The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights, photographs by Karsten Thormaehlen come to life with tales of triumph

Infographics dot the interior of Not Another Second, an exhibition dedicated to the tales of 12 LGBTQ+ seniors, centered around riveting portraits shot by German photographer Karsten Thormaehlen. Among the images and information at the ticketed and socially distanced installation, visitors will find the statistic that roughly three million seniors identify as LGBTQ+. This number is expected to double by 2030. And yet, we rarely …