Raveena: TWEETY

Raveena’s whimsical and glittery love song “TWEETY” references sublime 2000s R&B. The track’s music video—which she co-directed with Chris Cadaver—is equally nostalgic, with plenty of candy-colored psychedelic scenes that hark back to kids’ TV of yesteryear.

Raveena: Sweet Time

A wholesome, sparkling song about self-care and self-love, “Sweet Time” by NYC-based musician and singer Raveena is a luminous piece of soul/R&B. The accompanying video (which she also directed) sees Raveena sitting in a blossom tree, hanging out with friends and treating herself right. Dreamlike and gorgeously empowering—and all about taking one’s sweet time—the track certainly makes us excited for what else Raveena has in …