Barbara Kingsolver’s newest novel Unsheltered is a daunting tale of sudden and unfortunate loss—not death or theft but uprooting. The tale follows two families as they face losing jobs, caring for ill family, keeping up with an outdated home, parenthood and more. Though the two live in different centuries, their problems aren’t so different. A must-read for fans of Kingsolver’s stunning The Poisonwood Bible.

Fall Reading for Children of All Ages

Eight beautiful books on friendship, identity and the world around us

Earlier this year we became smitten with the messages, meaning and heart of “Lulu is a Rhinoceros,” a powerful book for children by Jason and Allison Flom. Pets, the quest for identity, friendship and the value of animals in our lives all make for important themes—worth instilling in youth and revisiting time and time again at any age. The following eight books address various aspects …

Our Back to School Reading List

Eight books for those missing the days when they were told what to read

Whether you’re voracious readers or simply image-seeking page flippers, the following eight books reflect some of the most interesting that have crossed our path recently. As students head off to school, we can all jump on the book-reading band wagon. Of late, we’ve also been smitten with new author Robert Moor’s engaging study on the origins of trails and we spent about as much time …